Super Brown Extra

Brown water tonic, containing amino acids for normal larval growth.

Category: Miscellaneous & Water Treatment, Vitamins & Minerals
Tags: Aquaculture Hatchery
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Super Brown Extra is used as brown water tonic. Good water color and transparency can reduce stimulation from direct exposure of sunlight. But provide good light exposure to larvae, which can promote growth and increase survival rate. Super Brown Extra allows light to the water but can safeguard fish fry or shrimp larvae from light irritation by leaving brownish texture in the water. Still keep rearing/ culture water transparent which is good for larval growth and development.


Extra Concentrated Brown water tonic containing anti-stressing agent, amino acids, growth enzyme, algae salts.


0.25gm to 0.7gm/ton of tank water in hatchery. Good results to use 2 to 3 days before harvesting of post-larvae


Store at +150C to 220C

Pack Size

500 g/Can

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