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Tonimin Brown

100% Organic Brown Water Tonic Containing Minerals, Energizing Newly Stocked Shrimp

Category: Vitamins & Minerals
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We know good light exposure to shrimp can promote growth and increase survival. To the contrary, direct exposure of sunlight is stimulating and irritating to cultured animal. Our product will maintain good water color with transparency that only allows necessary exposure of sunlight in waterbody that is not enough to give irritation/ stimulation to cultured animal unlike that from direct exposure of sunlight. The product will not cause pollution to the culture water; rather essential microelements in this product ensure on-time molting and robust growth of shrimp and other aquatic animals.


Mixture of organic pigments, Bulking agent, Calcium 0.13%, Iron 66ppm, Zinc 4ppm, Magnesium 0.06%, Manganese 60ppm, Copper 4ppm, Sulfur 0.07%, Benzoic 6ppm, Iodine 1ppm.


This product is made from all natural ingredients without using synthetic chemicals, so as to create desired brownish color of water with transparency in the shrimp rearing pond. As well as, to improve the quality of water by balancing traces elements. It can energize aquatic animals to help restore stressing condition. This product promote planktonic growth.


Use 5 to 20 gram per ton of culture water, depending on the color of water. Use before stocking post larvae in the pond. Best to use 1 to 2 times, every 2 to 3 days.
For good result use 2 to 3 days before harvesting of post-larvae and In Fresh water fish pond use 2-3 ppm

Pack Size

500 g/Can and 20 Kg/Bucket

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