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Vitamin C Pure (Ascorbic Acid 99%)

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Vitamin C is a necessary component for the growth and survival of all aquacultural species including fish and shrimps. It must be included into their diet as they can not synthesize this important Vitamin in their body.


Vitamin C Pure (Ascorbic Acid)  Purity 99%


  • Effective and result oriented Vitamin C out there in the market.
  • While dechlorinating it does not lower the dissolved oxygen as much as sulfur-based chemicals do.
  • Vita C-P is not toxic to aquatic life at the levels used for dechlorinating water. * Our product is neutral and will not affect the pH of the treated water from recommended dose.


  1. For the prevention and correction of vitamin C deficiency and to stimulate immune response.
  2. Being non-hazardous Vita-C-P is preferred by expert to neutralize chlorine in water.


Larval Rearing Tank

0.5 to 2 ppm of the total water volume. Once everyday. Simply mix in water and spread on hatchery tank.
Not recommended for use in Zoea stage of prawn.

Top Dress Feed

1 to 2 gram in per kg of feed. Mix in gel or mix in water prior to apply into readymade feeds.


2.5 – 4 ppm Vita C-P to neutralize 1ppm chlorine that is availing in water.

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