Welcome to ABESTA

At ABESTA, we believe everyone deserves to have quality products. Innovation, quality and simplicity make us happy: our goal is to remove any technical barriers that can prevent a farm / hatchery owner from making better yield. We’re excited to help you on your journey!


We, ABESTA is an international enterprising company, based in Bangladesh since 2005. We are mainly partnering with a Taiwanese company, having collaboration tie-up with some efficient companies based in Korea, England, the USA, and China for better manufacturing facilities of our different categories of products in the array of General Chemicals, Scientific Instruments, Aquaculture, and Animal health products. We are the sole distributor of some of the world’s renowned companies in as well.


By the word ‘ABESTA’, we mean nothing but an abbreviated name comprised of the first letter of the first word of six different companies, which merged for the corporate benefits.


We, at ABESTA globally, deals in chemicals and scientific instruments needed in a wide variety of commercial industries including their quality control laboratories and institutional laboratories. Besides, we are having two specialized divisions as ‘Animal Health’ & ‘Aquaculture’.

In the Animal Health Division, we sell products to poultry and dairy farms.

In Aquaculture Division, besides supplying total products we support our customers with professional consultancy.

We ship our products from Taiwan, Bangladesh, the USA, and England to any corner in the world. In Bangladesh for serving our customers closely, we have 11 centers in different districts.


Most of our aquaculture and animal health products are made in Taiwan; besides those, we have some imported products from the USA, Thailand, England, and Korea mostly with our own customized formula. Our products are result-oriented where product quality is greater than the product’s value.

For the scientific instruments, lab-wares, fine chemicals (chemical reagents), and industrial chemicals currently we are in collaboration with some of the world’s standard manufacturing companies based in India, China, Korea, and the USA so that we can ensure the high-end quality of our every product.


Our Principles & Belief

We are professional with three Principles- Competitive Price, Consistent Quality, and Continuous Relationship.  We believe that preserving “win-win” business dealing is not just the foundation of developing continuous relationships; it is also the best way to provide a competitive edge in this business.

Our Mission

We are in an endeavor to be your competent single-source supplier of all your scientific needs where quality and service meet the bill. In order to fulfill the needs of our customers, we keep searching for better and most updated products and related information. For we are born to be unique with what we do for your professional world. Beyond the wider distributions centers with a good working population in Bangladesh, ABESTA is having international collaborators in several countries for both sourcing and distributing products and serve the world more closely and efficiently.

Our Vision

Our professional care through scientific excellence will lead us to be your reliable partner. ABESTA will prevail and achieve the goal of scientific excellence. The future of ABESTA is bright, as we know in near future this group will cover the important realm of the scientific world where customers will rely on us with trust. Under the group ABESTA there will be several units of business such as … ANIMAL HEALTH, FISHERIES, CHEMISTRY, LIFE SCIENCE, etc.

ABESTA is driven by a dream to serve humankind with scientific excellence.

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