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Purified Potassium Permanganate.

Category: Disinfectants, Miscellaneous & Water Treatment
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PURPLE-X is crystalline substance in purple color commonly named as “Purple Medicine”.  PURPLE-X has strong disinfection effects. Generally, in plankton propagation pond its disinfection effects will alleviate. PURPLE-X is certainly harmful for fish, but under 2 ppm it does not affect fish. PURPLE-X is easy to be broken by the organic substance in the water so it is difficult to keep proper concentration. PURPLE-X kills parasites through activated oxygen.


Purified Potassium Permanganate (Chemical Formula: KMnO4); known as “Purple Medicine”.


  1. PURPLE-X is a strong oxidant, can be used to oxygenate organic substances, remove algae, bacteria ad hydrogen sulfide.
  2. PURPLE-X can be used to oxygenate organic and inorganic substance, rotenone, antimycin etc.
  3. It also can kill bacteria. Under low dissolved oxygen situation, PURPLE-X can increase dissolved oxygen in water.
  4. PURPLE-X is an oxidant so it can urgently replenish oxygen when there is oxygen deficiency in the pond. It is one of necessary medicine in the hatchery.
  5. PURPLE-X has wide effects on disinfection.
  6. PURPLE-X can remove ozone in water and in soil to avoid soil smell.


  1. Oxidation effect: Use PURPLE-X, it can increase the oxygen in water.
  2. Sterilization effect: Use it to sterilize the harmful germs and keep fish and shrimp to be healthy.
  3. Reduce foul flavor: Use it to diminish foul odor in water or in sand and to prevent foul flavor.
  4. Cleaning effect: Use it to reduce sediment in water or in sand and to maintain water quality.
  5. Effective in control water pollution caused by air or industrial wastewater.
  6. Reduce the Fe or Manganese.


0.5ppm-2ppm. Or as per suggested by aquaculture specialist


Store in a cool and dry place. PURPLE-X (Potassium permanganate) poses risks as an oxidizer. Do not store with other combustible, flammable or oxidizing materials. Keep away from sunlight. Keep away from fire and any heat source.

Pack Size

1 Kg/Can,

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