Erasing Slime & Fixing Other Detrimental  Factors by Ion-Exchange Process.

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FIXOL-A acidifies to balance pH in gut and erase slime. Sequestering effect on heavy metals including iron, calcium, cadmium etc. This product is effective to erase slime in aquarium, water tank or pond containing fish or shrimp. Can be used for safely reducing pH in larval tank containing aquatic animals.  Using a little dose up to 2 ppm 30 minutes before feeding may enhance appetite and feed intake of fish and shrimp.


Edetic Acid & HCO₂K


5– 30 ppm, depend on desired outcome. Test with small quantity when applying into Zoea or Mysis rearing tank. It is advised to add slowly in your system until your pH range drops down drastically but not lethal to larvae.

When using in high dose or using with other acidic substance such as Ascorbic Acid, Disodium EDTA may enhance the effect of FIXOL-A and can drop down pH in water. This condition is not regarded as harmful if prolongs for hours, but in some instances, pH and alkalinity may need to be raised after the slime is erased from water.

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