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Chelating agent designed for use in grow-out farm.

Category: Miscellaneous & Water Treatment
Tags: Aquaculture Pond
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EXION-ECO (EDTA Aquaculture Pond Grade) is a superior product that reduces heavy metals and other poisonous elements from water. Corrects alkalinity and hardness in the pond, which stimulates free molting & reduces stress by water softening, which supports the shrimp growth, survival & yield.


Disodium Salt and Tetrasodium Salt of EDTA 97% + Emollients 2% + Palliatives 1%; specialized for aquaculture.


  • Effectively reduces hard-shell problems in culture
  • Stimulates healthy molting in prawns and shrimps and improves their molting cycles.
  • Works effectively in bore water aqua culture systems of both freshwater (0ppt Salinity) and saline water
  • Softens the water in aquaculture ponds by normalizing the alkalinity and hardness.
  • Prevents & controls pollutions caused by unionized ammonia, iron, hydrogen sulphide, methane and sulphurdioxide

Converts the toxic substances in the pond water into their non-toxic form and thereby provides a healthy environment


For reference, 5-30 ppm of the total water volume depending on metal composition. Dose of application should be determined by prospective user.

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