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AquaMore Bon-ZM

Help larvae build a healthy and functionally complete intestine.

Category: Aquaculture, Probiotics
Tags: Aquaculture Hatchery, Nutrotek
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AquaMore Bon-ZM is a brand-new generation of feed supplement especially designed for early periods of shrimp larvae. It helps larvae an efficient growth during early periods, such as Zoea and Mysis stages. Bon–ZM is an excellent feed supplement that enormously strengthens larval health and increases feed efficiency.


  • Enhance the cellular resilience during the period of rapid growth.
  • Improve the anti-stress performance.
  • Help larvae build a healthy and functionally complete intestine.
  • Strengthen the intestinal absorption and raise the efficiency of feed utilization.
  • Especially designed for highly intensive culture conditions.

Instruction for use

  • Mix BON-ZM 0.3-0.5ppm (g/MT water) with feed and fresh water first, and then spread over the tank evenly.
  • Use BON-ZM while feeding (4-6 time per day).
  • Particularly for Zoea and Mysis stages


Aspergillus sp. extract.


Store in cool place away from sunlight, preferably below 20C

Pack Size


* For more details with field trial report please refer to Technical Card (AquaMore Bon-ZM)

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