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MAS 100

Effective as Parasiticide, Insecticide & Pesticide for Aquaculture Fish Pond.


Category: Disinfectants
Tags: Aquaculture Pond
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MAS 100 can be used for disinfecting empty pond. This reagent can be used to treat problems of the external parasite such as Ichthyophthirius multifiliis, Trichodina spp., Dactylogyrus spp., Gyrodactylus spp. & parasitic copepod, etc.


  • Measure the powder into the bucket, dissolve with water, and spread evenly into the pond.
  • To obtain better result for sterilizing larva of Lernea sp. and Cyclops sp., try to spread during morning or evening when animals flock on water surface.
  • Recommended Dosage of MAS-100 is 0.3~0.5 ppm. Treat weekly for successive four weeks.


Keep in a cool and dry place. Once opened store in a dark, airtight container. Do not use it when it old (it loses its bluish color). For prolonged storage keep in a temperature between 15-250C.

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Prohibited usage in shrimp, crab and clam.

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