Water conditioner for Aquaculture Hatchery

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The addition of AQUA FRESH to water in the rearing tank will control and reduce ammonia concentration, hydrogen sulfide, and other noxious gases that are detrimental to larval health and development. Soften water. Efficacious to erase slime if used in conjunction with FIXOL-A, Animal get the rid of stress. Induce molting.


Potassium EDTA & Bentonite Essence


Regular use

0.5 – 2 ppm from larval stage. It becomes necessary to continue AQUA FRESH when there are symptoms of water quality deterioration such as any bad odor, substrate odor, slime contents, left over feeds, high ammonia or other reasons. When problem persists, repeat the dosage in 8 hours interval.

Emergency use

When ammonia or hydrogen sulfide level reaches too high, use 2-10 ppm depend on the situation.


Store below 200C

Pack Size

1 L/Bottle

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