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Treat Digestive Ailments of Fish, Shrimp, Crab etc.

Category: Probiotics
Tags: Aquaculture Hatchery
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Zymin contains many kinds of digestive enzyme. It can help digestions, promote feed efficiency, and increase the survival rate of shrimp/fish larva. Also contains many alimentary substances so that it can protect digestive system and prevent the enteritis and other digestive ailments. This is suitable for use from Zoea Stage to Post-larva stage.


Apply in water at a rate 3~5ppm one every days, use at night only. Alternatively apply 1gram in per kg feed.

Active Ingredients

Bismuth subnitrate, Bismuth subgallate, Albumin Tannate, Aluminum silicate.
Enzyme: Pepsin and Diastase
Excipients: Acacia, Starch and Talc.


Store in a cool and dry place.

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