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POWER-PS, also known as PSB (Photosynthetic Bacteria), EM (Effective Microorganism), etc. Available as a liquid, dry powder, and granular.

The main goal of using POWER-PS (Photosynthetic Bacteria) is to develop microbial-controlled ponds or human-made ecosystems such as tanks or aquarium, which will give us a stable control over processes inside.

The development of non-antibiotic and environment-friendly agents is one of the key factors for health management in aquaculture. In Aquatic species such as fish and shrimp, the occupation of the gastrointestinal tract begins right after hatching and is completed within a few hours to modulate the expression of genes in the digestive tract, thus creating a favorable habitat for them and preventing invasion by other bacteria introduced later into the ecosystem.


Photosynthetic Bacteria along with 5 other useful bacteria, Vitamin A, D, B group, carotene, protein, etc.


  • POWER-PS is used for maintaining the quality of water and bottom pond soil.
  • POWER-PS is poisonless and requires very little oxygen. Thus, POWER-PS will not exhaust the oxygen in the pond.
  • Posses an excellent capacity for purifying water quality. It is the so-called scavenger of the pond.


  • Improve the water quality of the pond.
  • Contain special active bacteria which can decompose toxic matters like the organic materials, hydrogen sulfide, nitrous acid, ammonia, and pond sludge.
  • If raining, the pond may be easily polluted by acid rain. POWER-PS can purify the water quality and increase the capacity of oxygen dissolution.
  • Increase the capacity of disease resistance
  • Efficiently decrease BOD, COD, SS (suspended substances), and improve water quality.
  • Prevent fishes and shrimps from disease and ensure their health. Reduce the use of antibiotics and chemicals.
  • Restrain pathogenic bacteria counts in the water to diminish diseases for the animal.
  • Rich in nutrition.
  • Contains plentiful protein, vitamin B, and so on. Add in feedstuff can supply additive nutrition which is lacked in normal feedstuff.
  • Contain a large amount of carotene and vitamin A and D. POWER-PS can enhance the body color of fishes and shrimps.
  • Improve the appetite and digestion of fishes and shrimps.
  • Promote the growth of botanical plankton.


Feed Additive

To promote feeding and to reduce pollution from excretion: Mix 3 to 5 mL per kg of feed.

Water Additive

Splash into the pond: 5L/Acre/Meter (meaning 5 Liter in per Acre with 1 Meter water depth). Using after activation may provide the desired result.

NB: The doses for Dry Powder or Granule will be two-third of liquid products. However, the activation process is the same as the liquid.

Activation Method

  1. Take the required quantity of POWER-PS, then take an equal quantity of molasses, mix with 10 to 20 times of pond water in a bucket or tank.
  2. During the process of activating, stir the mixture lightly in order to help the bacteria float upon the surface of the water to get sunlight. Maintaining a temperature between 300C to 400C is favorable.
  3. Keep the mixture exposures under continuous sunlight over 4 hours for major bacteria to grow.
  4. Now as the POWER-PS is activated, splash the mixture into the entire pond evenly. For the first time, the dosage is 5 Liter per acre per meter, Once again every other 10-15 days, and then the dosage is half.
  5. High temperature and rainy season or serious deterioration of water quality, using the product for three consecutive days. The dosage is 5 Liter per acre per meter. After water turns clear, once again every other 7-10 days, and then the dosage is half.
  6. As Biological initial feeding, it can be splashed the full pool one-time before biological larvae have meals, the dosage is 25 Liter per acre per meter.
  7. Directly mixing in the bait. Dosage: the larvae feed 1.5-2%, growth period 0.5-1%. Eel, turtle, crab, shrimp feed additives for 1.5-2%
  8. If desired 1.0 to 2.0% of VitaPromin or VitaMax can be added just before applying to the pond.
  9. If desired can be mixed with 0.1-0.2% of VitaPromin or VitaMax prior to mix into the feedstuff.


  • Do not use it with antibiotics, sulfa drug, or sanitizer together but it can be used only after confirmation that they lost the efficacy.
  • Do not replace the water within 3 days after using Power-PS.
  • The pond has been used POWER-PS should reduce 25% water change compared with normal.


It should be stored in a dark place when the product is not in use. Do not expose it under the sun.

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