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Stress reliever, containing balanced nutrition with immuonstimulant & super supplementary diet.

Category: Vitamins & Minerals
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  • Increase the anti-disease ability in nauplius.
  • Enhancing larval vitality, reducing environmental stress.
  • Improve larval growth performances and feed efficiency.
  • Reduce enteritis and enhancing digestion.

Composition: Per 1kg

Vitamin A: 600,000 IU, Vitamin B1: 600,000 IU , Vitamin B2: 400,000 IU, Vitamin D3: 300,000 IU, Ca-Pantothenate: 2,000 mg, Pyridoxine: 1,000 mg, Taurine: 20 g, Methionine : 10 g, Inositol: 6,000 mg, Choline chloride: 4,000 mg, Vitamin K: 3,000 mg, Vitamin E: 2,000 mg, Ca(H2PO4)2: 100 mg, NaH2PO4 : 200 mg, β-1, 3 glucan: 1,000 mg


0.5 – 1.0 ppm from Zoea to PL stage, once a day. Apply in water 30 minutes before feeding can increase appetite.


  • Simply mix V-600 with water directly and spread onto water body or mix with feed. For the best result, V-600 may be applied 30 minutes before feeding for and increased appetite in larvae.
  • V-600 can be applied before releasing nauplius. Apply 1~2 ppm (1~2 grams per ton of water); Zoea to Mysis: apply once each day; post larva: Apply once every 2~3 days; Adjust the quantity depending on the situation.
    In the PL stage for the continuous benefit in a economical way we suggest our customers to use ‘VitaMite’ and ‘VitaMax V21’ every alternative day respectively besides V600. Meaning that first day V600, second day VitaMite and third day VitaMax V21 can be continued until PL delivery

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