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Parasiticide for fresh water fish culture

Category: Disinfectants
Tags: Aquaculture Pond
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TRI-99 contains an irreversible organophosphate acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, used to control disease associated with freshwater-reared fish species, such as sinergasilliasis, lernaeosis, caligusiasis, gyrodactyliasis, dactylogyriasis, nematodosis, trematodeses, etc.


Trichlorfon as dimethyl-(2,2,2-trichloro-1-hydroxyethyl) phosphonate


Dissolve TRI-99 powder with water and spray around the pond. 0.18-0.45g/m3 of water. Use half of the normal dose in seeding ponds.


  1. Cannot be used in shrimp, crab, certain fishes, freshwater pomfret and scaleless fishponds, not in sea fish area either; application in special aquatic animal ponds should be cautious.
  2. Should not be used with alkaline drugs.
  3. Shall not be used when dissolved oxygen in water is low.
  4. Atropine or pralidoxime iodide can be used as detoxicant when there is any poisoning.
  5. The containers should not be irresponsibly disposed.


Keep in a cool and dry place. Once opened store in a dark, airtight container.  For prolonged storage keep in a temperature between 15-250C.

Pack Size

1 Kg/Bag & 100g/Can.

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