Bacteria-Enzyme Formula for Gut Care.

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This product has many important contents, it can completely release all nutrition in feed to fish/shrimp thus can be absorbed fully, so maximize feed efficiency. This product is attractive to fish/shrimp, can improve their feed ingestion and activity. If disease occurred on fish/shrimp, it can resume their appetite; improve to digest their obtainment from absorption of nutrition.


Gut Acting beneficial Bacteria, Digestive Enzyme, Suitable Carrier, Vitamins, Minerals & Aminoacids.


Can be dissolved in water or mixed with feed.

Apply In Larval Tank

Use 0.5 – 1 mL of this product in each ton of water, if applied 20 minutes before main feeding may bring better result. Can be used 3 times daily or as necessary. Can be suitably mixed with live feed or formulated feed.


Store at room temperature. Away from direct sunlight.

Pack Size

250 mL/Bottle, 1 L/Bottle

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