Professional probiotic for Vibrio & sewage control

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Selected high potent strains of Bacillus Subtilis, Aerobacter spp., along with suitable activator & carrier.


  1. Minimize and inhibit the population and the growth of vibrio in shrimp/fish hatchery tanks and grow out farms.
  2. Terminate factors that cause vibrio disease infection.
  3. Visible speed to decompose the residue to amino acid for algae so as to maintain optimal water quality.
  4. Drastically minimize ammonia and nitrite levels in the low D.O. level reservoir.
  5. Decrease the infection and influence of WSS and EMS.

Application and Dosage


Every 7 to 10 days

  • Artemia tank : 3 ppm per application
  • Hatching tank : 3 ppm per application
  • Larva tank : 3 ppm per application


  1. Add required quantity of VC-7 in a filter bag and suspend in larval rearing tanks.
  2. VC-7 can be directly added to algal tanks just 4 hrs. before feeding to larval tanks.
  3. VC-7 can be added to Artemia hatching tanks also to minimize vibrio loads.
  4. Do not use any disinfectant like iodine when VC-7 is used.
  5. It works better if mixing VC-7 with water for one night before applying them to the tank.

Grow Out Pond

0.5 ppm per application, 5 kg/hectare. Every 20 days or when Ammonia is higher than 5 ppm or Nitrite is higher than 0.5 ppm. Double the dosage for the every first time of application.


  1. Well mix the proper volume of VC-7 + 0.1 ppm brown sugar water (30% concentration) with water for one night before broadcasting it in the pond. If brown sugar is not available, it is ok to use fresh water only.
  2. Afternoon is the best time to apply the VC-7 to the pond. Turn on all the aerators in the pond for only 3 hours to evenly mix VC-7 to the pond water and then return to normal operation.
  3. Check the water ammonia and nitrite level and the shrimp development, 3-5 days after application.
  4. Use VC-7 again after 20-30 days or when the ammonia and nitrite level is found high. In case VC-7 is applied to an old pond and the nitrite decreased very slow or even the water color return to the original one after 7 days, please apply VC-7 again right away to continue the function.
  5. Add water to the pond to deep the water level in case of evaporation. Water exchange is no need. Change the surface water only, if necessary.
  6. Do not use any disinfectant lie iodine when VC-7 is in use.

A more professional and simple way to further enhance the efficiency of VC-7

  • After mixing VC-7 with water in a small tank for one night, spread 1/3 of them to the pond first and refill the tank water.
  • Spread 1/2 of the mixed water to the pond in the next day and refill the tank water again.
  • Spread and use them up to the pond one day after.

This procedure help the reproduction of bacteria of VC-7 faster and more stable in the water tank so as to create the best efficiency for the sewage decomposition and vibrio control.


Never keep the VC-7 that has been mixed with water over 5 days to avoid the development of miscellaneous bacteria in the same small water tank.


Do not apply any disinfectant like Formalin, BKC, and Iodine etc while VC7 is in action.


Store in a cool and dry place.

Unit and Packing

100g/Sachet, 1Kg/Bag, 25Kg/Drum


Origin: Taiwan

Manufactured by Team Aqua Corporation

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