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Induces Spawning in Culture Fish

Category: Miscellaneous & Water Treatment
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Salmon Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone Analog 20 μg/ml + Domperidone 10 mg/ml.


For intraperitoneal or intramuscular use as a spawning aid in ornamental finfish broodstock


Ovaprim® is a liquid peptide preparation that contains an analog of salmon gonadotropin releasing hormone (sGnRHa) and a brain neurotransmitter (dopamine) inhibitor. The sGnRHa in Ovaprim® elicits the release of stored gonadotropins from the pituitary. The dopamine inhibitor (Domperidone) serves to remove other inhibition of GnRH release. Release of stored pituitary gonadotropins may aid spawning by stimulating ovulation and spermiation in sexually mature fish.

Direction for Use

Ovaprim® is packaged ready for use in liquid form. Precise amounts for individual injections should be withdrawn directly from the bottle into a syringe. Due to the viscosity of the product, use of syringes with Luer Lock Tips or permanently attached needles is strongly recommended. Use of syringes with slip tips is not recommended since needles could inadvertently eject under pressure.


Syringes/needles should be sterile prior to use.


Withdraw only enough solution from the bottle of Ovaprim® Injectable Solution as will be required for the weight of the fish. With the needle pointed upward and directed away from your face, squeeze the syringe gently to expel any trapped air.


Hold the fish firmly and insert the needle into the abdominal cavity/belly between the pelvic fin and the vent or into the muscle on either side of the dorsal fin. For intra-abdominal injection in smaller species, it may be helpful to secure the fish on a soft wet surface such as a sponge, and to place the fish on its side and inject into the rear abdominal cavity to avoid contact with internal organs. Inject and Ovaprim® carefully.  After injection, gently place the fish into a container of clean aerated water.

Sedation for Handling and Recovery

If necessary, sedate broodstock prior to Ovaprim® injection.


A general dose of Ovaprim® is 0.5 ml per kilogram of bodyweight. This dose may vary among finfish species and physiological state of individual animals. Environment and temperature also play a significant role in the reproductive process and may affect dose and timing. For most species, only a single dose of Ovaprim® is required; but treatment of fish with a single dose of a Ovaprim® Is only effective in fish that are within or near their natural spawning season. For other species, a split dose may be needed. For split dosing, a loading dose of 10% of the total dose should be injected, followed by injection of the remaining 90% of the total dose at least 6 hours.

Dose Calculation

The dose is calculated based on the weight of the fish. Examples

Fish WeightOvaprim® DosageAmount of Injection
 0.2 kg0.5ml/kg0.1 ml
50 gm0.5 μl/gm25 μl

Use of a needle guard to limit the penetration of the needle into the fish may be helpful, and use of a tuberculin or similar syringe is also recommended  for accurate dosing in small fish and to minimize trauma at the injection site. Intramuscular injection may result in bleeding at the injection site. Swelling, ulceration, whiteness, redness, or hypopigmentation may also be observed at the injection site.


For intraperitoneal or intramuscular injection in ornamental finfish broodstock only. Not for use in fish intended for human or animal consumption. Not for use in fish whose offspring may be consumed by humans or food-producing animals.


Care should be taken to avoid accidental contact or self-injection. In the event of accidental self-injection, seek medical advice immediately. Use in a well ventilated area. Wear gloves, goggles and suitable protective clothing.

Storage & Handling

Keep in cool and dry place. For longer period, store below 25°C and protect from sunlight and sources of heat.

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