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Larbait Larval Feed

High-Quality Diet for Shrimp & Fish Larvae by Micro-Coating Technology

Category: Larval Feeds
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LarBait is a scientifically designed by micro coating technology and nutritionally balanced, water stable diet for shrimp and fish larvae. The ingredients are selected for their high quality, attractability and digestibility, containing HUFA’s, Phospholipids and Carotenoid pigments. LarBait provides essential nutrients in compliment to natural food (algae and Artemia) feeding regimes for larval shrimp and fish.

LarBait RangeFeed Size (micron)Shrimp Larval / PL Stages
M60 – 100Zoea 3 – Mysis 3
EPL100 - 200Mysis 3 – PL 5
PL200 - 400PL 5 – PL 10
LPL400 - 600PL 10 and above


A nutritionally balanced highly digestible formulation of animal protein products of marine origin, plant protein (including algae), yeast, fish and vegetable oils, vegetable starches, vitamin and mineral premixes, anti-oxidants, pigments, and biodegradable binders.

Typical Analysis

Crude Protein56 %↑
Crude Fat8 %↑
Crude Fiber2.5 %↓
Moisture8 %↓

Specialty of Larbait

LarBait Feed is coated by a thin membrane on the surface of granules. The layer is highly digestive when interact with enzymes but stable in fresh/marine water. This feature prevents nutrition leach without compensating feed digestibility. LarBait Feed has very light feed density and performs excellent suspension in water column maximizing feed availability and mimic the activities of live preys and induce feeding by fish/shrimp larvae. LarBait Feed is uniform in size and user-friendly by hatchery operators.

Features & Benefits

  • Utilizes highly attractable and digestible ingredients.
  • Nutritionally balanced diet for the culture of larval and post larval shrimp.
  • Excellent feed for finfish during larval and fingerling stages.

Feeding Guide

This diet is designed to feed larval and post-larval stages of shrimp and fish. Quantity and frequency of feeding to be determined by competent aquaculture specialist depending on species, their stages, and related circumstances. Frequent feeding and a uniform distribution are very important to ensure adequate diet availability. Best results occur when kept in suspension. Do not overfeed.

Applicable Species

Grouper, Flatfish, Seabass, Seabream, Tiger puffer and other marine fish species including all penaeid shrimps such as P. japonicus, P. Monodon, L. Vannamei

Storage Condition

Keep the feed in cool and dry place preferably below 220C. For prolonged storage, keep the feed below 160C. Use the feed soonest (before it gets damp) once the can is opened. Each time after use place the lid properly to avoid moisture

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