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Grow Max

Growth promoting and Immune enhancing formula.

Category: Vitamins & Minerals
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  1. Activates larval biological system to resist stress.
  2. Enhances larval metabolism, appetite and FCR.
  3. Improve digestion and reduce enteritis.
  4. Promote super growth and comprehensive weight gain with good survival rate.
  5. Suitable to use from early stage of shrimp or fish.
  6. Suitable for fresh water and salt water species.


Protease, herbal growth essence, Potassium diformate.


Mix in Feed: (Top Dressing Method)

Mix in general fish, freshwater shrimp, Macrobrachium rosenbergii feed 0.7-1.0%; in special fish, Penaeus vannamei boone, prawn, bull frog feed 1.2-1.5%;

Spread in Water

10-20 gram per metric ton of water. Use once per day. When stress condition is monitored a high dose can be applied to energize animals. Or as determine by prospective user.


Top dressing the readymade feed prior to feeding to targeted animals as per requirement.  Measure and take needful amount of Grow Max, mix with a little water and add this to Bindex gel. Stir until the slurry has uniform appearance. Now top dress the feed and let it be dried under shade. Then broadcast on the pond surface evenly.

Feed Additive

Incorporate 1-5kg of GROW MAX in each ton of feedstuff while formulating professional feeds for aquaculture species. Adjust the dose as per situation.


Grow-Max should not be mixed with any probiotic or antibiotics as they may interact the efficacy of Grow-Max. But it is suggested to use VitaPromin along with for the desired outcome in growth performance.   

NOTE:  It is on user’s part that in all sort of applications prospective aquaculture specialist or animal nutritionist can determined the application ratio depending on the nutritional requirement of targeted species, size, climate and environment and other factor varies as per circumstances.

Pack Size

1 Kg/Can; 500 gm/Can; 200 gm/Can.

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