Removes heavy metal and other poisonous elements from water.

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EXION (EDTA Aquaculture Hatchery Grade) is a unique chelating agent , perfectly suitable for use in aquaculture shrimp hatchery.
The percentage of nauplii that metamorphosed to protozoea was increased by the addition of EXION.

EXION increases hatching rates and survival of penaeid shrimp larvae by decreasing the toxicities of heavy metals through chelation.
EXION chelates divalent and trivalent metal cations and is added to larval rearing water in shrimp hatcheries. The presence of EDTA will reduce the bioavailability of heavy metals by complexation.


  • Improves water quality by reducing hardness.
  • Increases dissolved oxygen.
  • Reduces heavy metal, herbicide & pesticide.
  • Reduces chlorine, formalin, copper & pyrite.
  • Reduces ammonia, nitrite, hydrogen sulfide & other toxic gases.

Why Should Avoid Conventional EDTA?

In nauplii and in early stage of penaeid shrimp a higher concentration of EDTA (exceeding recommended dose) is considered toxic.
First, we had a research done on toxicology of Disodium and Tetrasodium EDTA. The study included interaction among those EDTA, various used chemicals, and other metal substances presence in larval tank.

EDTA concentrations of 1.34 mM were lethal to nauplii. At 0.67 mM, EDTA reduced the percentage of nauplii which metamorphosed to protozoea but below 0.3 mM neither survival nor metamorphosis were affected.

Keeping all these in our mind we developed a superior Chelating Agent “EXION” absolutely for use in aquaculture system.


For reference, 5-30 ppm of the total water volume depending on metal composition. Dose of application should be determined by prospective user.


Exceptional molecularly designed EDTA for aquaculture use.

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