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Cell Hi- F2P

Algal Nutrients / Culture Media. All in One Powder Except Silicate.

Category: Algae Nutrition
Tags: Aquaculture Hatchery
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The Cell Hi-F2P  in One range of cultivation medium provides all the necessary algae nutrients, trace elements and vitamins which have been stabilized so that when re-constituted provides everything needed for optimal algal growth. Just store in a refrigerator or cool, dark place and use the powder according to the Cell-Hi product sheet. The soluble powder can be stored in a cool dark place or refrigerator for many months. For advanced and tubular reactors giving much higher algal concentrations just use at 2 to 5 times the quantity without harm.


Thiamine, Cyanocobalamin, Cobalt, Copper, Molybdate, Zinc, D-biotin, Sodium Dihydrogen Phosphate, Sodium Nitrate etc.


Cell-Hi F2P is based on the Guillard F/2 medium and has exactly the same N, P trace element, and vitamin content. Most people in aquaculture use this – 1 kg makes 10,000 liters culture medium at F/2 strength.

For diatoms just add 30 grams of Sodium Metasilicate for each 1000 liter of culture water after adding the Cell-Hi F2P.


Can be stored in a cool dark place or refrigerator for many months.

Pack Size

1 Kg/Bag


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