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Algae Growth Promoter

Category: Algae Nutrition
Tags: Aquaculture Hatchery
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Algae Growth Promoter (AGP) supplies all the primary nutrients of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium as well as secondary and trace micro-nutrients that are essential to the synthesis of high-energy phytoplankton. Contains microbial growth stimulants to enhance cellular function during the photosynthetic process.


Inorganic nutrients, chelated trace minerals, vitamins, microbial extracts, and marine algae extracts.


  • Balance all the essential primary nutrients and minerals required for optimum growth.
  • Produces higher cell density and higher quality algae and phytoplankton that is able to meet the nutritional needs of growing larval shrimp.
  • Reduces stress and the possibility of algae crashes.


0.5mL–1.0mL for per ton of algae to be used with Bloom-X and Sodium Silicate Gel for hastening diatomic algal growth.


Store at 29±2ºC.

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