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Each gram of BACTOZYME contains of not less than 1.5 ×10^6 of proteolytic enzyme and is suitable for growing bacteria (2×10^8). These bacteria are able to decompose organic wastes such as those produced by plants and animals, excess feed, and shrimp excrement and cast-off outer shell layers. When cultivating shrimp, the growth of other bacteria and viruses is unavoidable. Even if conditioners are used to control these harmful germs, the effects are limited because of frequent changes of water. Avoiding stress can reduce the rate of disease by up to 80%. Stress weakens shrimps’ immune systems and makes them susceptible to infection.


Enzymes including Protease, Bacillus subtilis, Lactobacillus Bifidobacterium and other beneficial bacteria.


For direct use

Before releasing Post Larvae in the pond

  • Spread the mixture of 1kg BACTOZYME, 90 kg rice bran, and 9 kg yeast powder to the bottom of the ponds before fill the ponds with water.
  • Add RICH BIO SUPER or amino acid to the water and then add some BACTOZYME. Leave it overnight (be sure to cover the container) and spread it around the pond at least twice a week or anytime when the weather changes.

During culture/breeding period

  • Fill a large container (500L) with 80% water, add BACTOZYME 50-100g, and stir well. It will be ready to use the next day.
  • Larval rearing/breeding: Add 1 Liter of BACTOYME germinated water into 10 tons pond water every day.
  • Artemia breeding: Add 1 Liter of BACTOYME germinated water into 1ton pond water.

For indirect use

  • Mix with water directly and homogenously, and add the mixture to hatchery pond.
  • Apply 2~5 ppm every time, 2~3 times weekly.

Pack Size

1Kg/Bag & 100g/Bag

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