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Unique molecular formula of Vitamin E for aquatic animals.

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This product has effect of strengthening aquatic animal’s reproductive system; and can be the anti-oxidant that prevent lipid in tissue, vitamin A’ vitamin B groups and carotenoid on the intestine from oxidization. Lack of Vitamin E can cause exudative diathesis, Thin-back disease, depigmentation, fatty liver, anemia, muscular dystrophy, kidney degeneration and pancreatic degeneration.

This super product can strengthen aquatic animal’s immunity system; prevents eel’s cotton disease; increase Seriola dumerili’s health and feeding rate; decrease death rate of rainbow trout after stripping; prevent eel from scratch and promote the maturation of eel’s ovary.


Unique formula for optimum bio availability of Vitamin E in Crustacean Broodstock, other antioxidant such as Glucan, Ascorbyl Palmitate.


Mixing With Already Manufactured Feed

0.25g to 1g/Kg feed.


To add powder to already manufactured feed, weigh out the appropriate amounts of fish pellets and this product, as per above dosage. Once the feed and this product have been measured out, the two should be mixed in the dry state. As an aid to the adhesion of this product edible oil (AQUACLO-F is preferable) or tepid gelatin solution is added to the food while mixing until the food is slightly dampened. The medicated food can be allowed to dry before feeding to the fish/ shrimp or other aquatic animal. During the mixing this product with fish pellets, small quantities of powder may settle out. This should not be administered with the medicated fish food.

Directly Apply to the Tank Water

Can be applied in larval tank 0.25 to 0.5 ppm of the total water volume along with vitamin C (Preferably Vita-C-P).

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