Anti-foamer & anti-odorant. Control heavy foam & Reduce toxic gases.

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AQUAFYNE antifoam emulsion is an easy-to-use, water dilutable, silicone defoamer for aqueous systems. AQUAFYNE is used to reduce foam in tanks containing aquatic animals such as shrimp or fish, and is especially useful during transport. Can be used in shrimp larval tank to subside unwanted heavy foam.


AQUAFYNE is a 17~19% active food grade non ionic silicone emulsion of dimethylpolysiloxane. AQUAFYNE antifoam emulsion is manufactured under high standards of purity and is formulated with specially selected ingredients.

Recommended Dosage & Administration Method

AQUAFYNE antifoam emulsion disperses easily in aqueous systems. The emulsion can be added directly to the foamer as supplied, requiring only agitation to disperse it thoroughly.

AQUAFYNE is effective at very low concentrations. 1 – 10 ppm of active ingredient is sufficient to control foaming in most instances. Begin at a low dosage and work down to the foam control desired. It is important that AQUAFYNE is completely dispersed so that optimal foam control can be attained.

For use in systems where maximum efficiency is desired, the emulsion should be pre-diluted with water before being added to the foamer. The recommended dilution procedure is as follows:

  1. Stir or agitate the AQUAFYNE before removing it from the container.
  2. Pre-dilute the desired amount of AQUAFYNE with up to 10 volumes of cool water to aid dispersion.
  3. Agitate the AQUAFYNE solution prior to use to ensure that the emulsion is homogeneous.
  4. For the best results, use the diluted AQUAFYNE within eight hours after making the solution. If longer storage is necessary, the diluted material should be stirred frequently.
  5. Add the diluted AQUAFYNE mixture to the foaming system. Stir or agitate to achieve complete dispersion and efficient foam control.
  6. For the best results, add the product slowly, combine with mixing prior to the occurrence of any foam, and before the fish or shrimp are added to the water.

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