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Functional Feed Supplement for Enhanced Reproductive Activity

Category: Vitamins & Minerals
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This is a broodstock maturation product, can enhance the reproductive activity. Improve fertility and reproductive system of shrimp/fish broodstock. Fresh and saltwater fish and shrimp exhibit superior growth, maturity, energetic behavior, and more elegant coloring when fed SPIRU-OVA. Improves spawning, fecundity, fertility and hatching rates. It stimulates the reproductive processes, increases survival rates of younger fish, post larvae and promotes the appetite of fish/prawn to attain full mature.


Made from all natural ingredients such as Spirulina, Chlorella, Seaweed Powder, Vitamin E from natural source, Yeast Beta (1,3/1,6) Glucan, Paprika Powder, Stable Vitamin-C,  Astaxanthin & Anthoxanthin.

Function and Efficacy

SPIRU-OVA is functional feed supplement provides vitamin, mineral, natural pigment, immunostimulant and PUFA, specially designed for fish/shrimp broodstock. SPIRU-OVA is made from various algae and other natural substances which is good for an increased fertility and reproductive system. This product stimulates appetite. Also good for strengthening aquatic animal’s immunity.

SPIRU-OVA aims to induce broodstock maturation if used in conjunction with conventional fresh food in the pre-ablation stage. It brings critical nutrition to improve hatching rate, larval quality and health. This supplementary diet has the immune enhancing agent to maintain survival of stocks. Stimulate ovary development of female shrimp broodstock and prolong peak production cycle in post ablation. Improve egg quality and increase nauplii hatch rate in post ablation.

Recommend to feed SPIRU-OVA to the selected broodstock one month prior to eye-stalk ablation as the additive with live feed supplements. Depending on the desired performance, SPIRU-OVA can be used as partial replacement of polychaetes in post ablation. This product can suitably be used for all aquatic products and ornamental fish.

Recommended Dose

Usually 0.5 to 2% SPIRU-OVA of the total feedstuff is recommended to be incorporated in the each diet.

To promote ovaries maturity mix up to 30% of SPIRU-OVA in feed of mother fish/ shrimp spawner.


Store below 180C

Pack Size

100 g/Can,  500 g/Can

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