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The supreme immunostimulant to guard aquatic animal from viral or bacterial disease.

Category: Vitamins & Minerals
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This immunostimulant can increase non-specified immunization of white blood cells and macrophages that increase ability to against all kinds of disease in fish or shrimp. Have high effectiveness against the Virus (RV;WSSV), Vibriosis.  Make from cell wall of yeast or fungi and do not have toxic and produce drug resistance, and does not have residuals or pollute environment.  Increase shrimp and fish’s ability to fight disease during artificial maturity and decrease death rate of spawners after the eye-stalk cut. Increase survival rate of fish/shrimp fry during transport. Help to inoculate vaccine.


LPS, Menadione and Carotenoids from bacteria and fungi.

Application and Dosage

Shrimp Adult

Adding 100 gm in 20 kg of feed.

Shrimp Fry

Adding 100 gm in 10 kg of feed. Better molting behavior is observed if used just before each stage of shrimp developments.

Fish fry Reproduction

Directly spread 3~5 ppm in water.

Fish growth

1 gm/1 kg of feed; for fish under 1 Kg; add 5 gm/1 kg of feed.


20 ppm.

Synergistic Use

A synergy with vitamin C & E per 3 days will get better anti-disease effect than alone.

Pack Size

250 g/Can, 500 g/Can.

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