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100% Aquaculture Grade Phosphorylated  Vitamin C

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AQUAVIT-C is a crystalline powder containing mono-, di and triphosphate esters of L-Ascorbic acid in a suitable carrier. It provides a minimum of 35% of Ascorbic acid by weight equivalent to 150 grams of Ascorbic acid per kg.

AQUAVIT-C is specially formulated for use as a stabilized source of vitamin C in feeds of all aquacultural species such as trout, salmon, carp, catfish, seabream /seabass, eel, tilapia, and shrimp.


  • Unique phosphate base
  • Reliable water stability
  • Optimum bioavailability
  • Uniform mixability
  • Ensures prime health
  • Commendable growth
  • Better weight gain


L-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate provides a minimum of 35% ascorbic acid activity


AQUAVIT-C is specially recommended for improving vitality to withstand stress and disease. Ensures faster weight gain by improvement in overall health condition.


Recommended inclusion rates of AQUAVIT-C in feeds for aquaculture species: 2g/Kg feed.  Amount should be increased by 30% for fry and broodstock.  For wound healing, stimulation of immune response and winter feeding 4g/kg feed. Please adjust the dose as per requirement.

AQUAVIT-C can also be used in all aggressively produced types of feed, such as:

  • High-temperature pelleted feeds
  • Expanded or extruded feeds for land-based animals and pets.

AQUAVIT-C may be added:

  • to the feed during mixing or
  • incorporated in the premix

We recommend AQUAVIT-C to be used one day stand-alone, next day along  with Vita ADEX and the next day with Immune Guard or Vetregard for excellent anti-stress and anti-disease ability.


This product is hygroscopic.  Should be stored in the original, tightly closed container/bag in a cool, dry place. Avoid humidity when opened for use. Do not use when the appearance changes to a different color than its original color.  Recommended to refrigerate if possible.

Pack Size

250g/Can, 1kg/Can

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