Probiotic acts as Growth Promoter & Immune Enhancer

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POND-AGB strengthen immune system, and suppress pathogens in the intestines. Better water quality. Good growth with better survival rate.

POND-AGB is effective in fresh and saline water. Suitable for any sort of aquatic species.


Lactobacillus spp,  Saccharomyces spp, Bacillus natto


1kg/acre with 1-meter water depth; every 3 days. When better efficiency required, due to there are symptoms of stress or water quality is being deteriorated a double or even triple dosage can be used every day. There is no side effect.

For better result, make a slurry by mixing this product with the equal amount of molasses, to be soaked in buckets or tank filled with sufficient amount of water. Provide aeration or stir frequently for 30 to 60 minutes. Then sprinkle the slurry into pond evenly.

Do not use disinfectant while this product is in use.

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1 Kg/Bag, 25 Kg/Bag

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