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Parasiticide for Fish. Control fish louse (argulus) & other common parasites in fish.

Category: Disinfectants
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The main indication for use of PARASIL in aquaculture-produced fish is infestations with ectoparasitic copepods. It is predominantly used as in-feed formulations on salmonid fish against copepods in the family Caligidae: Lepeophtheirus salmonis, Caligus elongatus and C. rogercresseyi. This agent is well-documented as very effective on all developmental stages of the parasites. The duration of effect can be up to 10 weeks.

Active Ingredients

Emamectin Benzoate.


In Water Dose

As a single emersion dose, use 0.05 ppm of the total water volume.  For example:  For per decimal area with 1 feet water depth approximated use 0.6mL. Please adjust the dose accordingly. Do not use more than suggested dose. Test small quantity first before using in larger scale.

In Feed Dose

For use in the treatment of salmon and trout at a maximum recommended dose of 50 µg/kg fish/day for 7 days, administered through medicated feed, for control of infestation by sea lice.


The product may be used up to 3 times/year, with a maximum of 5 treatments in any 2- year growth cycle. A withdrawal period of 25 days is required.

Pack Size

1 L/ Bottle, 250 mL/Bottle, 100 mL/Bottle.

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