Paddle Wheel Aerator

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Key Features

  • 1 / 2 HP, adopt new patent water-breaking impeller. Higher and wider water splash with much faster RPM for super high aeration. Water splash is higher by 4 – 37 cm, wider by 11 cm and faster by 14 -16 RPM that create strong water current and super aeration.
  • Save machine buying cost and power consumption due to the professional water-breaking and parabola design.
  • Adjustable impeller (patented).
  • Synthetic aluminum / magnesium electric motor, heat dissipation is faster at least by 30%.
  • 304, 25mm stainless steel shaft.
  • 304 stainless steel frame.
  • Plastic bearing (patented).
  • New high density polyethylene (HDPE) floaters and motor cover.
  • High quality parts for long lasting performance.


ModelHorse PowerPhaseVoltageImpellerRPM
TA-55-OP1 HP3 PH200 ~ 460 V2 pcs97
TA-55-OP-S1 HP1 PH200 ~ 460 V2 pcs80
TA-66-OP2 HP3 PH200 ~ 460 V4 pcs97
TA-66-OP-S2 HP1 PH200 ~ 460 V4 pcs80
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