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Natural substances for healthy digestion and absorption.

Category: Probiotics
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Garlicin has super general formula which contains allicin, it can completely release all nutrition in the feeds to fish/shrimp thus can be absorbed fully, so maximize feed efficiency. This product is attractive to fish/shrimp, can improve their feed ingestion and activity. If disease occurred on fish/shrimp, it can resume their appetite; improve to digest their obtainment from absorption of nutrition.


Garlicin is organically prepared from all natural substances such as Colostrum, Ginseng, Yucca Schidigera, Digestive Enzyme, Ginger Extracts, Allicin and Organic Acids


Garlicin can be mixed with feed or directly apply to the water. Suitable for any aquacultural species such as fish, shrimp, crab, turtle, frog etc.

Use 1-2 mL of this product in each kg of feed, use 3 times or as necessary every day.


Store at room temperature. Away from direct sunlight.

Unit and Packaging

1L/Bottle, 250mL/Bottle, 100mL/Bottle

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