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VitaMax® V21

Growth Promoting & Anti-disease Formula
Multivitamin + Amino acids

Category: Vitamins & Minerals

Composition (Analysis Per Kg)

Aspartic acid 3,200mg, Arginine 650mg, Threonine 2,360mg, Phenylalanine 2,100mg, Serine 1,820mg, Glutamic acid 8,210mg, Glycine 850mg, Methionine 1.730mg, Cystine 770mg, Leucine 2.210mg, Lysine 730mg, Tryptophan 230mg, Isoleucine 1,670mg, Tyrosine 1,440mg, Biotin 3.86mg, Pantothenic acid 1,390mg, Vitamin B1 7,755mg, Vitamin A 5,500,000 IU, Vitamin E 33,000mg, Vitamin B12 75mg, Nicotinic acid 350mg, Choline 6,427mg, Folic acid 640mg, Vitamin B2 8,920mg, Vitamin D3 3,500,000 IU, Vitamin B6 4,308mg, Vitamin H 60mg, Enzyme 50mg


  1. Activates larval biological system to resist stress.
  2. Enhances larval metabolism, appetite and FCR.
  3. Improve digestion and reduce enteritis.
  4. Promote robust growth with good survival rate.
  5. Suitable to use from early larval stage.

Suggested Usage

  1. Mix with feed or freshwater, then spread into the hatchery tank/ pond evenly.
  2. Use 2~4 gm/m3 (1–2 ppm) once per day, can be started from Zoea stage.
  3. Use 30 minutes before feeding, obviously enhance larval appetite.

VitaMax V21 and VitaMite can be used on each alternative day meaning the first day VitaMax V21 and the next day VitaMite may bring greater result in larval and post larval stages. Can also be used V600 on every 3 day to support anti-disease ability of aquaculture animal.

Pack Size

1 kg/Can


Store below 20ºC. Avoid humidity when can is opened for use, refrigeration is recommended.

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