Professional probiotic to eliminate vibrio and streptococcus.


CSH/Crab & Scampi Hatchery, FGF/Fish Grow-out Farm, FHN/Fish Hatchery/Nursery,

O-A/Ornamental Aquaculture, OAF/Other Aquaculture Farm, SGF/Shrimp Grow-out Farm,

SHN/Shrimp Hatchery/Nursery


Selected high potent strains of Bacillus subtilis, Aerobacter spp. Total active cell count: 1*109+-0.5 cfu/g


  1. This product is designed to minimize and inhibit the population and the growth of vibrio and streptococcus in shrimp/fish hatchery tanks and grow out farms.
  2. Correct application of this product can reduce factors that start vibrio disease infection.
  3. During application, visible speed to decompose the residue to amino acid for algae to maintain optimal water quality.
  4. After application, significantly reduce nitrite and ammonia levels in the low dissolved oxygen reservoir.



Hatching tank: 3ppm per dosage, equals to 3g/M3. Adjust according to situation.

Larvae tank: 3ppm per dosage, equals to 3kg/1000M2 x 1M water depth. (Do once every 7-10 days) Adjust according to situation.

It is suggested to use VIBRIO BUSTER everyday followed by VC-7 the next day when there is symptom of persistent severe infection of vibrio.

Artemia tank: 3ppm per dosage. Add 1.5g VIBRIO BUSTER per 500 Liter water, can control Vibrio effectively. 

Grow Out Farm

Apply VIBRIO BUSTER 0.5ppm per application, 0.5ppm equals to 5kg/10,000M2 x 1M water depth.

For first time using this product, please double amount of application equals to 10kg.

Apply VIBRIO BUSTER once every 20~30 days; or apply VIBRIO BUSTER when concentration of Nitrite higher than 0.5ppm.


  1. Put in required amount of VIBRIO BUSTER in a filter bag and hang in larval rearing tanks.
  2. Apply VIBRIO BUSTER directly to algal tank 4 hours before feeding to larval tanks.
  3. During Artemia hatching process, application of VIBRIO BUSTER can minimize vibrio loads.
  4. Never use any disinfectant like iodine when VIBRIO BUSTER is used.
  5. For better application result, we recommend you mix desired amount of VIBRIO BUSTER with water tor one night before applying them to the tank.

STORAGE: Keep in cool and dry place preferably below 250C.

ORIGIN & CO. : Taiwan by Team Aqua Corporation

UNIT AND PACKING: 1 kg/bag (20 bags/carton)

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