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Shrimp Larval Feed (Classic Grade)

Nutritional Feed for Healthy Post Larva, Ensures Robust Growth with Better Survival Rate

Category: Larval Feeds

Available Feed Sizes

Feed No.Feeding StageSizes ( μm )
1Mysis 2 to PL 560-150
2PL5 to PL11150-250
3PL 11 & Above250-400
4PL 20 & Above400-600

Typical Analysis

Crude Protein55 %↑
Crude Fat9 %↑
Crude Fiber2.5 %↓
Ash13 %↓
Moisture8 %↓


  1. Provide high and balanced nutrition for good assimilation.
  2. Natural ingredient that minimize the risk of water pollution.
  3. Improve digestibility and maintain optimal survival.
  4. Enhance shrimp immune and self-control nervous system.
  5. Increase the ability of disease resistance and restoring force.

Applicable Species

Penaeid shrimp species. P. Japonicus, P. Monodon, L. Vannamei, and macrobrachium rosenbergii.


High quality fish meal, amino acids, fish oil, electrolytes, minerals and vitamin premixes.

Pack Size

1Kg in Foil Bag and 5Kg in Plastic Bucket

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